Who am I exactly
03.04.2014 14:08

I'd wager that if you don’t have a certain thing that is entirely or even completely over your head and obsessive about, then you are probably not living the sort of seriously passionate along with wild life which you should end up being. Of course there are several people who believe that they may be in total control of their lives and can't possess any form of obsession, however this is a simple question to help you get thinking. If you're only gliding through life, pressing from one meaningless task to yet another, by no means having any motivation to hop out of bed, absolutely no one to sleep in for much later than you need to with, and nothing that gets your hair standing straight up - and exactly what is life anyhow? I'm one that is entirely obsessive about lots of things. I simply find it hard to hide the joy that I get when I am passionate about something, I choose to not keep it only to myself. I believe at the end of this article you'll additionally uncover what your passion is. 

Not every person is actually taught to look both ways of the road before they cross. It's a fact that you can see whenever making your own way down the Paris roads. I noticed a bunch of kids that simply ran across the roadways without caring a damn. What is remarkable is that they never fail get to the other side entirely unscathed. When I asked one group of children as to the reason why they had been so reckless and didn't look on each side before crossing the road and they just gave me a puzzled stare and giggled. This might be a shocking experience, but what is truly wonderful is that you are able to in fact get some other experiences similar to this whenever you visit different places. These kind of varied experiences in fact reinforce my interest of traveling. Actually whenever you step out of your home you do not know precisely what you are going to experience at the next turn. This is especially true because when you're out traveling, you are forced to not rely on your old routines and patterns (or even your language). 

Many people see photography being a hobby that allows you to record images of occasions, specific moments, or even happenings that struck your attention at that very instance. Nevertheless, there are those that see photography in a different manner. I see photography as some kind of time capsule which gives a window so that you can catch traces of your previous and past experiences that are imprinted in your thoughts but may by no means be relived. One thing about photography that fuels my obsession is it allows you to re-create all of the feelings, sounds, emotions, and smells at the very moment whenever the shutter clicked. Photos also have the unique capability of sharing these lovely memories with others that had been involved with the moment, but also assists in keeping some of your personal moments as a secret. This is why certain pictures will certainly pop up in your life plus go passing by just like bubbles on a stream as well as others, even only if observed in a glimpse, will turn out to be tattooed upon the back of your brain once and for all. 

Of all the things that we have to depend on, gadget might be becoming so prevalent that none of us can survive without it in these times and age. It was merely few years back that one of the greatest mobile phone revolution - one that's spearheaded by the World's greatest innovator, Steve Jobs - was occurring. But today, the beginning of wearable computing is appearing to be near the horizon and it'll be here sooner than we're able to have thought. From Google glass to Smart watch. We could only behold and not foresee what the next major wave of innovation is likely to be. I really like gadget. I can talk about it non-stop and it is always exciting to see the continuous stream of innovation happening inside the technlogy world. 

By now you are able to most likely begin to realize that realizing and exploring your deepest desires may allow you to live an incredibly passionate and eventful life. You are able to only live life uniquely whenever you get to understand the real passion that lie deep in you.


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